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Takom Exploration Ltd.

Takom Exploration Ltd.

Discovery in Excellence

October 03, 2018 – Prince George, BC – Takom Exploration Ltd. is pleased to announce exploration results from the Proof Project located 25 kilometres southeast of Fraser Lake, British Columbia, Canada and 10 kilometres southeast of the Endako Molybdenum Mine. The Proof Project is a green-fields (previously under-explored), 905 hectare mineral claim staked in the Spring of 2018 to cover the centre of a large, 30 kilometre in length, caesium anomaly. This regional anomaly was discovered as part of a 2017 Ph.D. thesis project by Diana Benz using regional government surveys of outer lodgepole pine bark sample data from the 1990s. Takom Exploration further researched the anomaly and launched a reconnaissance exploration program in July of 2018 designed to evaluate the potential of the area.


    A total of 5 silt samples, 8 rock grab samples and 21 lodgepole pine twig samples were collected throughout the project area. The results revealed a 935 metre, gold-in-twig anomaly (21 to 38.8 ppb Au) supported by a halo of twig, silt and rock samples with anomalous caesium, antimony, thallium and vanadium as well as arsenic, silver and molybdenum values. Background gold-in-twig values were 6 ppb gold. One rock grab sample,  collected north of the gold-in-twig anomaly, i.e., the Goldtree Zone, returned 50.5 ppm caesium,  >500 ppm antimony, 1.62 ppm thallium, 660 ppm vanadium and 503 ppm arsenic. The silt samples returned between 0.089 and 0.212 ppm silver, 0.29 and 0.78 ppm molybdenum, 5.1 and 11.3 ppm caesium, 0.6 and 1.29 ppm antimony, 0.09 and 0.34 ppm thallium, as well as between 60 and 129 ppm vanadium. Based on these results the land position was increased north, west and south doubling the claim size.


     All samples were sent to Actlabs in Kamloops, BC for processing and assaying. The vegetation samples were dried and macerated using the B2 preparation package. The silt samples were dried and seived (-177 micrometres) (code S1) while the rock grab samples were crushed (< 7 kg) until up to 80% passing 2 mm, riffle split (250 g) and pulverized (mild steel) to 95% passing 105 micrometres with cleaner sand included (code RX-1). All samples were digested using aqua regia (a partial digestion) with a 63 element inductively plasma mass spectrometry finish.

    The Proof Project is the inaugural project for Takom Exploration and is 100%-owned. The project area boasts easy access throughout the mineral tenures via a network of newly created resource roads (2018) as well as nearby railway (25 kilometers) and power lines (10 kilometres). Takom is very pleased with the initial findings and plans to return to the project area this Fall and next Spring to assess the changes caused by the recent Island Lake Fire (August 2018). Takom work will focus on collecting more geochemical and geological data to expand the knowledge of the Goldtree Zone and its surrounding area.


About Takom Exploration Ltd.

Takom Exploration Ltd. is a privately-owned, BC-based geological and GIS consulting firm serving junior exploration companies and prospectors within BC and the Yukon Territory. The company is also a project generator that utilizes the latest in exploration techniques and integrates them with tried-and-true, boots-on-the-ground traditional surveys to develop quality exploration assets.



This disclaimer indemnifies Takom Exploration Ltd., hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’, from any legal action with respect to all information found in this report. Although the Company believes the expectations expressed and information provided are based on reasonable assumptions, such information is not a guarantee of future performance. The disclosed information has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable although this report may still contain technical or other inaccuracies, omissions, or typographical errors, for which the Company assumes no responsibility. Although the Company has taken reasonable and due care to ensure that all information contained is accurate and up-to-date, the Company does not guarantee the validity, accuracy, or completeness of any claims, statements or information herein. Accordingly, readers are cautioned to seek independent professional advice.

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