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British Columbia - Solo Authored





Author - Python-Diamond Indicator Neural Network (2021)

These coding companions are designed to take you through the creation of neural networks to classify associated diamond contents for 5 different diamond indicator silicate minerals: G10 garnet (G10), eclogitic garnet (EG), chrome diopside (CRD), olivine (OL) and orthopyroxene (OPX). The csv data files are available and the models can be used on other data.

Author - Python-BC ARIS Prospector Contributions (2020)

Taking a look at the monetary expenditures of prospectors to mineral exploration in British Columbia (Canada) between 1998 and 2018 using data captured by the BC Assessment Report Indexing System (ARIS).

Author - R-BioGeochemistry Project (2019)

Missing, below detection and above detection limit imputation and RQ-Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of geochemical and biogeochemical data for use in mineral exploration and environmental studies.


Includes R scripts:

Censor-ImputeMissing: k-nearest neighbour imputation of missing values

Censor-ImputeUDL: parametric replacement of above detection limit values based on ilr-transformation

PCA-workflow-ImputeBDL-clr-RQPCA: imputation of below detection limit (BDL) values, calculation of centred log-ratio (clr) values and RQ-Principal Component Analysis

BC Publications
Yukon Publications
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